Joy is a True Gift

Joy has been a grounding force and ever present guide during my battle with lyme disease.  She has taught me how to listen to my body, and her nurturing touch, inner wisdom, and heart-felt meditations have ignited courage, healing, and a sense of grace.  

- Dr. Erica Warren

A Healer's Healer

Joy Matalon is an exceptional care giver.  Integrating CranioSacral care with her vast healing experience and knowledge, intuitive skills, and heightened state of consciousness makes Joy the healer’s healer!  Her work is an integral part of my being well and staying well!”

- Lawrence G. Stern, D.C.

I am Grateful

I have had the joy and privilege of working with Joy for many years, and over that time our work has continually progressed and deepened.  As a commercial mortgage broker, I work in an extremely high-pressure tense environment. The highs are high and lows are very low, all of which registers in my body even if my mind is onto the next deal.  I find working with Joy is a wonderful prescription for good health. Joy helps me stay in my body, stay in the moment, and to connect to my authentic feelings and spirit. She creates an unconditionally loving and safe environment which allows my nervous system to release  tension and trauma, bringing to consciousness healing for my body, mind, and spirit. 

- John

Primordial Kindness

Joy has a reflex toward primordial kindness.  As a healer, Joy embodies that rare combination of intrinsic empathy and knowledge combined with years of experience.  What makes her extraordinary is her ability to bring those gifts to the essential place in your process where your life challenges you to grow.

-Archer Martin, LCSW, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Gifted Teacher

Joy Matalon’s introduction to CranioSacral therapy at the Center for Health & Healing was wonderful. I loved how Joy so simply explained what CranioSacral therapy is & how it affects the body. I felt totally at ease in the class. She made it clear that there were no stupid questions & allowed everyone the freedom to clarify anything they may not understand. Everyone had a chance to get on the massage table & feel Joy's angelic touch & the way she works. I felt that Joy engaged with each person & made them feel totally comfortable. I'm so glad I went! It was great.

- Michelle Clifton, LMT

Integral Part of TBI Recovery

Joy's approach to CST has been an integral part of my brain injury recovery. Her understanding of trauma and the body has helped me immensely both physically and emotionally.

- Zander 

Life Changing Trauma Support

I have a complicated trauma history. After years of talk therapy, I was stuck and overwhelmed and needed to add a more body-centered approach to healing. Working with Joy for the past year has been life-changing; her warmth and empathy match her deep knowledge and experience. Our work has complemented my therapy and allowed it to move forward. She has given me valuable tools I use every day. Joy is a gifted and intuitive healer. 

- Anne