What is Process Acupressure:

Process Acupressure  was developed by clinical psychologist, Aminah Raheem, Ph.D. as a holistic way to work with the active energy of both body and spirit for healing and growth. The process is a mindful state wherein an individual interacts with sensations, images, memories and beliefs housed in the body, mind and spirit that are buried in the unconscious. I help the client to drop into "the edge" of their discomfort where healing is ready to take place.  Bringing this unconscious pattern into consciousness allows new insights, a sense of freedom, and increased vitality.  

The session is given while the client rests on a massage table, fully clothed. The practitioner applies firm, gentle finger pressure to specific acupoint combinations, and encourages the client to notice what they are experiencing. During a session an organic change often occurs through a shift in the body bringing insight towards past limiting patterns.  This new perspective allows for personal clarity as well as a stronger flow of energy through the whole-being. The objective of process work is for the client to come to a more conscious understanding of themselves. 

This work is very gentle and the depth of this exploration is guided by your personal pace.